The Nuge and Volkswagen?

While watching the NFL conference championships over the weekend I saw this commercial a few times. This ad caught my attention for a couple of reasons: 

1) As a new-ish dad I am also worried about car safety. I put the cruise control on 70mph now when riding on the freeway, and check my son’s car seat restraints a few times before leaving the driveway. For some reason I still let him play and run with sticks though…oh well. 


2) Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold” is the accompanying music. 

Why would a 36 year-old song from an aging, somewhat irrelevant rocker raise my eyebrows? Is it because of the terrible, terrible misogynistic lyrics, or because I have an issue with musicians “selling out.” No. In fact, with the current state of the music industry I believe that artists should try any avenue to get their music heard. Also, you pretty much just hear the guitar riff throughout, and I have to admit that riff is sweet. 

The reason this seems strange to me is that it is Ted Nugent and Volkswagen. Mr. Crazy American Great White Buffalo Hunter and a German car maker. I am not sure if there is a bigger conservative celebrity in the United States. The man has a shirt on his website that says, “You Can’t Do This In France,” with a buckpole on it. Do they not have deer in France?  And why are we always picking on France? 

Also, Nugent is known as “The Motor City Madman.” He’s from Detroit! I have no problems with The Nuge making a buck (or killing a buck), but it just seems odd to me. My brother and I were at a Red Wings game last season, and Volkswagen was sponsoring something during an intermission and the crowd booed. Loudly. Detroit area residents do not like foreign car makers getting face-time even if that company paid for it. I wonder what they think of their beloved Ted Nugent taking some money from the Germans? 

And Nugent is beloved in Detroit. Not as much as when he was still living in the state, but if you listen to the two major rock stations in the area, WRIF and WCSX, you are bound to hear a Nugent song. Every now and again they even play the complete version of “Stranglehold.” All eight minutes and 22 seconds of it.

On a side note, Nugent is currently a columnist for the conservative newspaper The Washington Times. If you have some free time I suggest reading a column or two. Seriously. I really enjoyed his Thanksgiving column. 


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