Pictures From My Past: Star Wars Toys


On the first Sunday of the month I will dig into the vast collection of odd pictures from my past, and try to explain myself. 

There are so many amazing things going on in this picture. This picture oddly does not have any explanation or dates written on it. Usually my mom was pretty good about writing what was going on in pictures, or at least giving dates. 

I am pretty certain this is from Christmas 1982. Aside from the Christmas tree (or holiday tree) that is tough to make out in the upper left hand corner there are two other reasons I know this. In the upper right hand corner is a little rocking chair with a baby bouncer on it. My brother was two months old in December 1982. The other reason is pretty nerdy, and I will give my nerd friends a second to try and guess…

Did you figure it out?

That is right, no toys from Return of the Jedi. I see a cloud car, a Hoth playset, a bunch of bounty hunters, a tauntaun and I know that the star destroyer had that chamber for Darth Vader. The chamber that brought his helmet down, and reattached it to his head. I never really understood what was going on in that scene. Was the helmet getting cleaned? Anyway, my collection is very The Empire Strikes Back heavy. 

What a goofy grin. I am so proud of this collection. It went into a bit of overdrive after Return of the Jedi five months later. I am sure if this picture was taken at Christmas 1983 the collection would have been at least double this. Over the years I broke some of these and threw them away, we lost some more in a move, and I sold off the rest.

A few years ago my parents found a box full of figures, many of which are in this picture, and I decided to sell them as well. They were all broken, and for some reason a bunch of string was tied around Lobot’s (he’s the bald right-hand man of Lando Calrissian at Cloud City) head, but I sold them for a pretty decent price on eBay. I was positive some toy seller bought them, but I got an e-mail from a mom letting me know that she bought them for her six year old son. I hope that kid got as much fun out of them as I did, and I hope he figured out how to get that string off Lobot’s head. 

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