Thanks Prometheus

I think I have finally reached the moment that begins the separation of pre-dad Jeremy, and post-dad Jeremy. It happened over the weekend, and was not even something of consequence. It had nothing to do with my wife or son, and really the only person who noticed anything different was me. I turned on my computer, and saw a post featuring this video:

This is the trailer for the new Ridley Scott movie, Prometheus, and I believe its release means the beginning of the end for my former self because I had no idea this movie was even being made. On top of that it is a prequel to Alien. Well, Scott is not saying much about that, but it seems like a prequel to Alien. 

Most of you are probably wondering why this is a big deal. It is a big deal because two years ago I would have been all over this movie. First, it is directed by Ridley Scott who not only directed Alien, but also one of my all-time favorite movies, Blade Runner. I love that movie so much that I wrote a paper about the insane amount of detail Scott put into the film, and was given a C+ for writing too detailed of a paper. I actually think it was a joke, but it kind of pissed me off. Second, the film stars some actors that I think are pretty great at what they do, and some that are pretty great at being…pretty. 

I should have seen photos from the set, rumors about casting, and had a frigging clue the thing was even being made. But I didn’t. I had no idea until Saturday evening that a cast and crew had spent the past year making Prometheus. 

This probably sounds like me getting all upset over something ridiculous, and it is. Lately, I have been trying to figure out a way to balance what I used to do, and what I do now, but I am slowly coming to the realization that the way I used to be is gone. It is never coming back, even after my son has moved out, and I can finally see Thor and Captain America it will not be the same. And I am totally cool with that.

I would rather spend my day watching ants crawl on the sidewalk with my son, and reading books to him, and throwing pine cones than know mundane facts about a film’s production. I am happier as a father, and while having a kid may be chipping away at my previous life I am still essentially the same person. I just have a miniature version of myself standing next to me who thinks that a tiger, bear, dragon, and bigfoot all make the same sounds. 


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