Who Will Present Guns N’ Roses? How About Me!

I read today that Guns n’ Roses have not decided on who will be presenting them at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies on April 14th in Cleveland. More specifically W. Axl Rose has not decided who will presenting him at the ceremony because you know the other guys have zero say in the goings on of GnR.

So here is a rundown of some suitable presenters:


Riki Rachtman
Actually this one is a possibility. Rachtman hosted MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball back when the station showed music videos, was the host of the VH1 Rock of Love reunion shows, and has been a radio DJ for years. He appears in the video for “November Rain,” and was friends with Axl. I say “was” because is anyone friends with Axl for more than a couple years? I think if Riki gets the job he should definitely present with the parrot on his shoulder.


Alice Cooper
Another possibility because of his work with GnR in the past. He provided some vocals to the track, “The Garden” from Use Your Illusion I, and said on his radio show that the group would be getting back to together for the ceremony. Maybe he has some inside information because he will be presenting? Or will he be singing with the remaining band sans Axl? That would be…horrible. Sorry Alice fans, but that would be wrong.


Heather DeLoach a.k.a. The Bee Girl
OK. This one is a stretch, but hear me out. Axl was friends with Blind Melon lead singer Shannon Hoon, and Hoon appears on a couple tracks from the Use Your Illusion albums, and in the video for “Don’t Cry.” It could be a great tribute to Blind Melon, and his friend, but again Axl has no friends. Sorry Heather.


Sebastian Bach
I forgot about Axl’s one friend, former Skid Row lead singer Sebastian Bach. These guys have been friends for years, and Bach even opened for GnR on the Chinese Democracy Tour. He recorded some backing vocals for Chinese Democracy, and he performed with Metallica and GnR  as The Gak at a RIP Magazine party. Oh man I remember RIP magazine! Always next to Hit Parader on the magazine rack at Meijer.


Jeremy Klumpp
Clearly I know where Cleveland is, and the Hall of Fame even! I first saw the music video for “Welcome to the Jungle” at a laundromat, and I was jealous of my cousin who saw the Metallica/GnR/Faith No More concert at the Pontiac Silverdome. I could write a pretty awesome speech with references to Slash, or without. I will not bring up Stephanie Seymour, or Izzy Stradlin. Hell, I will even wear a headband on stage. I think this is a win/win situation. So Axl if Sebastian, Riki, or Alice are unavailable give me a call. Ypsilanti is only a couple hours from Cleveland. I will hop in the Accord, and be there before you can say, “The Spaghetti Incident?”


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