I Was In a Twitter Argument Today

“So this is Twitter? OK.”

That was my first tweet a little over two years ago. I joined Twitter without really knowing what I was doing. The first person I followed was local anchorman Devin Scillian. He tweeted about the death of former Detroit Pistons owner Bill Davidson, and for some reason it was enough for me to follow him. Since then I have followed 333 other people with the majority being sports related both local and national.

A little over a year ago I discovered the true power of Twitter when local afternoon sports talk host Terry Foster mentioned the basketball coach at Eastern Michigan getting fired. As an alum I thought I would send him a message, and he replied. We sent a few more tweets back and forth after Rob Murphy was hired, and I felt super cool. Twitter connects you with people you are interested in. It is kind of weird, but neat when Eugene Mirman retweets something you tweeted, or Ranae Holland, of Finding Bigfoot, sends you a message saying she enjoyed your post about bigfoot.

Today I entered a different realm of Twitter when I had an argument through tweets.

First, I should set this up. The baseball season is closing in, and the Detroit Tigers are finalizing their roster. One of the most polarizing players for this team is Brandon Inge. Last season, he batted .197 and was demoted to Toledo. All in all a bad year for Inge. During the off season the Tigers signed Prince Fielder to play first base, moving star slugger Miguel Cabrera to third, or the position Inge used to play. He whined about it, and was given a chance to make the team as a second basemen (a position he has never played). This spring training he is hitting terribly, and really does not deserve a shot with the team.

This has been a regular issue with the local sports guys, and one of Inge’s biggest supporters is Pat Caputo of The Oakland Press and 97.1FM. He has been building a case for the inclusion of Inge on the opening day roster, and today he sent out this tweet:



Essentially Caputo was saying that spring training is not an indicator of regular season production. He’s right, but the problem is that Inge has not been productive for a few seasons. So the following argument between myself and Caputo ensued:


I was expecting any response, and I do agree with him on two points. Inge will make the team, and spring training essentially does not mean anything. My problem is that Caputo has been on the Inge bandwagon for years, and in the past few weeks he has been throwing out statistics in an attempt to build a case for keeping Inge.

Caputo also tweeted later that those of us wanting Inge out of Detroit probably voted him into the All-Star Game in 2009, and he’s right. I did vote for him, but since that game Inge has been more of a liability than an asset.

I like Pat Caputo. He’s opinionated which is probably why he decided to get into arguments about the Inge tweets with several other people. He knows more about baseball than I do, but I feel like he is wrong on this issue. I know he probably has some loyalty to Inge. Inge is the longest tenured member of the Tigers, and was here during some absolutely terrible seasons, but letting him go might be the best thing for the team, and for Inge.



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