The Mistake M&M

Every once in awhile something happens that in the global scale of everything (i.e. wars, famine, ice caps melting, baseball) is inconsequential, but amazing to you. Over the weekend I was running errands with my toddler, and bought a bag of peanut M&M’s. I had been feeling pretty rundown and depressed for the past week, which usually leads to me not eating, trying to live off of coffee and candy, and moping like a teenage who isn’t allowed to play video games. Essentially I suck to be around. So I bought these M&M’s because they would get me through the morning until my son wanted to eat, and then I would also eat. As I am eating my M&M’s I get one that is completely full of chocolate with no peanut, and it was amazing. For some reason that little extra bit of chocolate was like the end of all wars to my brain. I know I could just buy regular M&M’s, or just some chocolate but the fact that I was expecting a peanut and there wasn’t one was the greatest thing to happen in days to me. It was great because I wasn’t expecting it, so naturally I ate the rest of the bag hoping, praying that I would get one more M&M full of chocolate…but it didn’t happen. I only got that one, beautiful, majestic M&M.

I have been thinking about that lone M&M for a couple of days now. Is my life really all that bad that an out of place M&M makes the clouds open, and the sun shine brighter? No. Not at all. That one M&M was just what I needed at that time. My life is filled with great things, but sometimes I forget about them, and focus on the things that really don’t matter (money, material objects, baseball) to my happiness. That solitary M&M was amazing because it jumpstarted my brain, and knocked me out of a funk. It was what I needed as I was driving home from Target, my son now asleep, alone with my thoughts. Before the M&M I was thinking about bills and bank accounts, but after I was thinking about finding another full of chocolate M&M, and what we would eat for lunch (macaroni and cheese).

It sounds stupid, but that M&M broke my train of thought. We all have things that help us bust through the fog, and see the bigger picture. Movies, music, books, and sports are all great distractions that can help us re-focus and see things differently. For me on that Saturday morning all it took was a tiny piece of incorrect candy. Maybe something as insignificant as a piece of candy will do that for you as well, or maybe I’m just crazy.


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