Root Beer Film Festival: Moonrise Kingdom

Oh, Moonrise Kingdom. I really, really wanted to like you, and I did like certain things about you (mostly Edward Norton), but you were so Wes Anderson. Maybe the most Wes Anderson-y, Wes Anderson film ever. You had an inventory, cartography, narration (Bob Balaban!), kids acting like adults, a play, Bill Murray, art, credits in cursive, and fireworks. And those are just the things I remember. Oh, here are a couple more: tight clothing and Jason Schwartzman, who may or may not have been playing a teenager.

I didn’t hate Moonrise Kingdom, in fact I kind of want it to be the start of a trilogy where we follow the lives of Sam and Suzy, but for me it didn’t add anything new to Anderson’s resume. We’ve seen him do this type of film so many times that we kind of know what to expect when the film starts. It’ll be quirky, somewhat depressing, and filled with really great performances by it’s actors. That’s not really a terrible thing to create every time out, and I completely understand why Anderson continues to do it, but I guess it might be the reason I waited to see this one, and am in no rush to see his latest releases anymore.

A terrible thought just popped in my head: Wes Anderson is Adam Sandler for the NPR listener. Man, that is awful, but they make the same movie every time. Anderson gets the critical acclaim while Sandler movies somehow make $200 million. I’m sure we could all think of hundreds of examples that could fit there, but Sandler was the first one I thought of, it might be the lingering effects of the pink eye.

Thanks to all my imaginary friends who sent me questions about the Root Beer Film Festival. I thought I would read a couple.

Why root beer? It’s gross. – Steve from Kansas City
Thanks for the note, Steve. Shut up. You’re gross.

How did you pick the movies you’re going to watch? – Alex from Wixom
First, it had to be something I’ve never seen all of (For example, The Stuff was played continuously on local TV, but edited). Second, it had to be available. I didn’t want to buy any DVD’s. In fact, outside of the two movies I might see in the theatre all of the movies on the list were either available on Netflix, Hulu or at my local library.

Don’t forget to water the grass seed. – Barb from Pinckney
Not sure what this has to do with the festival, but thanks mom.

Movies watched: 1 (Moonrise Kingdom)
Root Beers consumed: 1 (Stewart’s)

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